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Cards Against Humanity UK Edition:
Arrives in time for Christmas Games 2017

Christmas Game For Horrible People

And to help stop Trump building the wall


You cannot unlearn the memories this game creates….

You WILL remember playing this over the Christmas…For all the wrong reasons.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Check out the video below…then choose.

Cards Against Humanity Rules:

Explained fully and quickly in this 2 min video:

Please be aware this video is NOT for children of those who are easily offended. With that said…Enjoy and share as much as you wish.

That Hanna Montana quote from PeeWeeDie is a classic ūüôā (Depraved too)

Have you recovered yet..?

Cards Against Humanity Buy:  UK Edition here

Has finally arrived on our shores, in time for all those people who are difficult to buy for and those who have been waiting for this a long time.

Amazon has taken extra stocks knowing this depraved game is going to sell even better than it did last year in the USA and other parts of the world.

Cards Against Humanity UK Edition

Cards Against Humanity is on the 2017 trend forums, here’s why…

Apart from being the most depraved, funny and globally popular game with over 20 million+ subscribers to the live games on YouTube and over 6,000 reviews on Amazon it is…

A party game in which players compete to fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect printed on playing cards.

And it is well within your Christmas game budget, you may want to buy more than one since the price point is so good in comparison with what you would normally have to shell out. (At least this way you get to play;-)

Cards Against Humanity buyIt¬†originated from a¬†Kickstarter¬†campaign,Wiki¬†and has received media acclaim.Wiki¬†The history is interesting and a great example of “alterative marketing.”

Where to buy Cards Against Humanity:

At first it was difficult to get a good professional printed copy. Fortunately for all of us today we can not only get the Cards Against Humanity UK Edition but we can also get all the expansion packs too many to mention but the links here will give you an idea of what is available.

Buy UK Edition HERE¬†–¬†Expansion 1¬†–¬†Expansion 2¬†–¬†Expansion 3¬†–¬†Expansion 4 ¬†–¬†Expansion 5

Or the…

Guards Insanity Pack Insanity ASYLUM PACK [Includes GAI Editions 1, 2, 3 & 4]

A better deal is if you can get hold of the Whole collection of packs Here

Cards against humanity took off in 2011 and has been growing at a crazy pace ever since and there is no sign it is slowing down, quite the opposite in fact.

Two major UK distributors have just taken stock of a very large amounts of the full cards against humanity game and Amazon are gearing up for the Christmas onslaught of UK fans.

I got an email 25th Sept direct from Card Against Humanity:

“You’ve got great timing! Our deals for UK retail¬†just¬†went through.”

Rumour has it this new 2.O edition (with mega insulting expansion packs) is set to break last year’s sales.

I think people are getting wiser and buying up stocks to hike up the retail on the run up towards Christmas (That’s what normally happens).

Cards against humanity online

CAH has gone on to become a number one seller on Amazon and the team that created it have increased both their collection of ever growing decks and then the pranks…

These included the sending of literal shit to those who ordered it, giving away lots of a private island to fans and perversely increasing the prices on Black Friday.

These are the sorts of things the creators get up so, so you can imagine the content of the cards. Not only that, millions have made their own and there seems to be an even sicker collection of cards.

From celebrity decks to movie themes and onto religion, nothing is taboo. The quest for the most depraved question / answer combination CONTINUES…

The “party game for horrible people” is itself ghastly, and quite offensive to¬†everyone, which is what makes it so attractive to so many people from all walks of life I guess.

I have found with extensive research Cards against humanity is particularly popular among the 17 to 153 yrs, of both genders and all persuasions (They may have a slight problem with religious types…sorry).

It allows for all the politically incorrect ¬†thoughts from depraved minds to be placed firmly in a grinder and spat out the other end to the delight, offence and entertainment of all (except parents, Priests, vicars, small children, grand parents…you get the picture).

A selection of black question cards and white reply cards give you get an idea of what combinations could arise…

Buy Cards Against Humanity using the links below

Buy UK Edition HERE¬†–¬†Expansion 1¬†–¬†Expansion 2¬†–¬†Expansion 3¬†–¬†Expansion 4 ¬†–¬†Expansion 5

Or the…

A better deal is if you can get hold of the Whole collection of packs Here

Cards against humanity examples

Cards against humanity expansion

Credit Animation by Jessica Tang. Source images: Cards Against Humanity.

Even the NY Times has heard of it!

According to the¬†NY Times’ Dan Brooks, “Cards Against Humanity” is “a game of naughty giggling for people who think the phrase ‘black people’ is inherently funny.

The inventors of Cards Against Humanity had this to say…

I loved it when he says; “When it all came together, it was both magical and horrible.”

You can see why Amazon has anticipated that many people are going to find this a best seller in 2017.

Cards Against Humanity crazy numbers!

YouTube channels have in excess of…




  • You never know what is coming next
  • You know it will be sick, insulting, crazy or just plain obscene
  • You know you cannot play this with parents!
  • It’s the party game that needs no drinks ūüôā
  • You can make your own cards and many do
  • You have to be strategic and creative
  • You can play cards against humanity online!

You ¬†can understand why it is so popular…

With the Christmas season upon us they are set to go fast…Grab your game or gift for a

“Hard-To-Buy-For-Friend” By clicking any of the links below…

Buy UK Edition HERE¬†–¬†Expansion 1¬†–¬†Expansion 2¬†–¬†Expansion 3¬†–¬†Expansion 4 ¬†–¬†Expansion 5

Or the…

Guards Insanity Pack Insanity ASYLUM PACK [Includes GAI Editions 1, 2, 3 & 4]

A better deal is if you can get hold of the Whole collection of packs Here

Cards against humanity online: 

By now you know the game is fundamentally disrespectful, and it purposefully uses cards which are offensive.

To make things even more depraved, you get to play with mates or challenges from other global communities, so you can pit your sick imagination with that of others…

CAH online has caught on in a big way, hence the volume of subscribers on those colossal YouTube channels:

You may want to join the fun and find out how infectious this great idea for a Christmas game this is for him or her, or maybe you!

“Dark side of FUN”

These randomly produced jokes are unbelievable ‚ÄĒ on account of cards like “the significantly impeded” or “the current year’s mass shooting,” nothing is “off the cards…(Sorry).

In any case, players are additionally protected. Since the amusement is that you play the cards you’re dealt, players get points for making stunning mixes of questions and white cards and yet no need to assume liability for against humanity

The Czar of Cards Against Humanity, picks the winning card (reply), It empowers closeness by enabling players to abuse standards together without agonizing over being to blamed for the outcome, however appalling.

Now you know exactly why this is rising star in the world of games world for yourself or others; I think you may have to get your skates on tho…

With over 6,000+ reviews on Amazon see HERE you know competition is going to be strong.

Heck I bet you could buy a few and put them on EBay! (Around 2nd week Dec:-))

Don’t lose out by waiting, cost is not an issue but it looks like they may run out before you can grab yourself a box of cards that will give you Christmas party you will always remember.

For all the wrong reasons…

I think you know Cards Against Humanity will be mega big this year so join the dark side of fun over Christmas

Just click the link on the top right, it will take you straight to Amazon

So if I don’t insult you over Christmas online, enjoy the festive season and remember…Its only a game ūüėČ

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity….What do you need?

If you want to know where to buy Cards Against Humanity expansion packs…

Buy UK Edition HERE¬†–¬†Expansion 1¬†–¬†Expansion 2¬†–¬†Expansion 3¬†–¬†Expansion 4 ¬†–¬†Expansion 5

Or the…

Guards Insanity Pack Insanity ASYLUM PACK [Includes GAI Editions 1, 2, 3 & 4]

A better deal is if you can get hold of the Whole collection of packs Here


Q: Where can I play Cards Against Humanity online
If you click HERE you will be able to set up your own game, join others or watch for fun. It is all FREE.

Q: How long has Cards Against Humanity UK been around?
A: Have been playing for a while but put this site together so new people could enjoy this great game, especially at Christmas.

Q: What are card against humanity rules?
A: You can download the CAH_Rules HERE.

Q: I understand you can download cards against humanity for free.
A: Yes; You can download from many different places but if you want to start off Make your own Cards download  this free set, enjoy.

Q: Can you buy Cards against humanity expansion packs, like Green box?
A: Yes you can, take a look HERE and see what’s ,on offer.

Q: Is there an app for this?
A: There are various apps you can play Cards Against Humanity type games on. None of them “official” So I would proceed with caution. However here are the current popular apps for both i phones and Android platforms:

CAH unofficial App is available from Google HERE Please be aware these apps will spam you, or so the reviews say (I have no connection these apps).

The iOS version from HERE and again you will be inundated with in-app adverts. I have no idea what permissions you have to agree to when loading these apps, so please be cautious.